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NAME: Aubrey "Armaina" Myers
DOB: Feb 7th 1985
PRONOUNS: she/her
E-MAIL: armaina @
DISCORD: armaina#2910
SKYPE: armaina
YIM: armaina
TELEGRAM: armaina

WARFRAME (PC): Armaina
TROVE: armaina
GUILD WARS 2: armaina.1496
WILDSTAR: armaina
SWTOR: armaina
STEAM: armaina
BATNET: armaina#1678
XBOX: armaina
ORIGIN: armaina
3DS: 1676 3846 5442


Artist and creator, does too many things, is in too many places. Been using the name Armaina (pronounced "Are-May-Nah") online since 1997. Does a lot of art stuff and is in a lot of art places. (also takes commissions hey hey)

Likes drawing, socializing, cartoons, dragons, scifi, robots, biomech, comics, monsters, world building, character dev, creative endeavors in general and too many fandoms to list. Extremely social, the contacts there are listed for a reason, you're welcome to use them just state where you found/came from for context. (this makes for a good starting point of conversation, just FYI)

Where the name came from: It's a misspelling/mispronunciation of the name Aramina, from the first short story of the The Girl Who Heard Dragons by Anne McCaffrey.

My Site - I think this is a given
My Gallery - Archive of all my arts
Ko-Fi - Tipjar for Comics and Art
DreamWidth - Personal Favorite Site, are collection and life posts here
LiveJournal - Mirror of Dreamwidth
ToyHouse - OC and Fan Character collection
DeviantArt - Largest and Oldest online gallery
Weasyl - More cleaned up gallery
Tumblr - Absolutely whatever, sketches and finished work
Twitter - Rambles and art
Twitch - I strem Vidi Game. I'm not good at them
Picarto - I strem Art. I'm objectively better at this
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